Baking products from Macroom flour to extracts by Nielsen Massey (in various flavors) to ready-to-roll icing in vibrant colors to fun sparkling sugar and Edible rice paper, sprinkles for cake decorating are all available at the Ballymaloe Shop. As well as Macroom oatmeal for the perfect breakfast porridge and Maldons sea salt for seasoning dishes. Please PHONE (‭+353 21 465 2032‬) TO ORDER.

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt


Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 250g


Macroom Flour (2 kg)


Macroom Oatmeal (1 kg)


Edible Rice Paper - White


Organic Vanilla Extract (60ml)


Vanilla Bean Paste (118ml)


Vanilla Extract (60ml)


Organic Vanilla Extract (118ml)


Coffee Extract (60ml)


Peppermint Extract (60ml)


Lemon Extract (60ml)


Almond Extract (60ml)


Vanilla Extract (118ml)


Rose Water (60ml)


Chocolate Extract (60ml)


Orange Blossom Water (60ml)