Do you need a Butter knife, Chefs knife, Cooks knife, Fileting knife, Paring knife, Chopping knife, Bread knife, Sharpening Steels, Wavy knife, Serrated knife, Knife sharpener, or a full knife kit (as used by the students on the Ballymaloe Cookery School 12 week course)? You will find them all here at the Ballymaloe Shop. Come visit us at the Ballymaloe Shop to see the full collection of Victorinox & Laguiole knives. Please PHONE (‭+353 21 465 2032‬) TO ORDER.

Victorinox Paring Knife Set


Knife Kit


Victorinox Chef's Chopping Knife (Blade 25cm)


Victorinox Carving Knife (Blade 25cm)


Victorinox Carving Fork


Victorinox Chef's Chopping Knife (Blade 19cm)


Victorinox Carving Knife with wavy edge (Blade 30cm)


Victorinox Palette Knife (Blade 20cm)


Victorinox Carving Knife with wavy edge (Blade 25cm)


Victorinox Bread Knife (Blade 21cm)


Victorinox Filleting Knife (Blade 16cm)


Victorinox Chef's Chopping Knife (Blade 22cm)


Knife Wallet


Victorinox Sharpening Steel (25cm round)


Butter Knife - Ivory White


multi opener


Hand-Held Spiralizer


Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer


AnySharp - Knife Sharpener Pro


Original Swiss Peeler




Steak Knife - Ivory White


Fork - Ivory White